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About TheFocusedMommy.com

Welcome to TheFocusedMommy.com, a haven for moms navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood while dealing with ADHD.

Meet Me:

Hey there! I’m Daphne, the face behind this space. I’m a mom—a freelance enthusiast juggling deadlines, projects, and the joyful whirlwind of raising a spirited two-year-old. My journey as a mom with ADHD has taught me valuable lessons about balance, resilience, and finding productivity amidst the unpredictability of motherhood.

Why This Blog?

TheFocusedMommy.com is born from my personal experiences and the desire to create a supportive space tailored for moms like me. Here, I share insights, strategies, and a sprinkle of humor gleaned from the daily struggles and achievements of balancing work, family, and the unique challenges that come with ADHD. I wanted to share my journey of staying focused while moving to a new country, losing 50lbs of weight, pursuing a digital nomad life and finally achieving the goals I set in my life.

What to Expect:

Whether you’re seeking practical tips on time management, organization hacks, or ways to infuse mindfulness into your daily routine, this blog aims to be your go-to resource. Expect a blend of researched advice, personal anecdotes, and a community rallying behind each other’s victories and struggles.

Join the Journey:

This blog isn’t just about me—it’s about us, a collective of moms striving to thrive in focus and productivity despite the hurdles. Let’s navigate this exhilarating journey together, sharing our wins, embracing our quirks, and finding strength in our shared experiences.

Get in Touch:

I’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts, experiences, or even just say hi. Connect with me on @thefocusedmommy on Facebook or Instagram or drop me a line at daphne@thefocusedmommy.com!