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23 Useful Ways to Conquer Time Struggles with Pomodoros

Hey there! Juggling the chaos of mom life is no easy feat, and if you’re anything like me, sometimes you wish you had an extra pair of hands and a time-turner from the wizarding world. Well, fear not, because I’ve got a game-changer for you – the Pomodoro Technique! I’ve gone over this technique several times in my posts because I love it so much. It’s probably the main time management technique which has worked for me countlessly. So, grab your coffee and let’s dive into 23 ways to sprinkle some Pomodoro magic into your daily mayhem.

1. Tackle the Laundry Monster

Pomodoro your way through the piles of laundry which have been sitting for the past week. Set the timer for 25 minutes (or 15 minutes like me) fold like a ninja, and voila – laundry conquered!

2. Conquer the Kitchen Chaos

Dreading the never-ending kitchen chores? Pomodoro to the rescue! Slice, dice, and clean up in short bursts. Your kitchen will thank you and you will feel accomplished. I usually set up a YouTube playlist of toe-tapping beats which is 20-30 minutes long and get to work. By the time the playlist is over, I have a cleaner kitchen!

3. Decluttering Delight

Tackle clutter one Pomodoro at a time. Don’t pull out the whole wardrobe at once, just go through 1 shelf/drawer at a time. Before you know it, you’ll have a decluttered space that Marie Kondo would be proud of. Here’s a challenge to get started on your decluttering

Decluttering wardrobe

4. Master the Art of Meal Prep

Turn meal prep into a Pomodoro party. Chop veggies, marinate meats – 25 minutes at a time. Weeknight dinners just got a whole lot easier without staring at the fridge for hours wondering what to prepare for the family.

5. Learn Something New

Dive into a new subject or skill, whether it’s mastering a language or picking up a musical instrument – all in delightful 25-minute intervals. Say goodbye to overwhelming study sessions, as Pomodoros make the process manageable and enjoyable. I use the Duolingo app to learn Chinese using the same technique. The app timer on my phone helps me stay focused for 15 minutes. So I sneak in 2 sessions a day to polish up my skills.

6. Kid’s Homework Hustle

No more homework battles! Pomodoro your way through math problems and spelling words. It’s a win-win for you and the kiddos, especially if they have short attention spans too.

7. Work-from-Home Wonder

Working from home? Pomodoro is your WFH BFF. You can use the timer on your PC or use a chrome extension for Pomodoros and focus for 25 minutes. Then reward yourself with a mini dance party, a cuppa or whatever you fancy. Productivity and fun rolled into one!

8. Email Taming Technique

The email abyss of tens of thousands mails stressing you out? Pomodoro your inbox without the overwhelm. Respond, delete, and organize in bite-sized intervals. Inbox zero, here you come!

email checking

9. Social Media Sanity

Scrolling through social media like it’s a black hole? Pomodoro it to stop mindless scrolling! Set a timer using a screen time app or even the clock app on the phone, catch up, and get back to the real world guilt-free.

10. Exercise in Bits

Not a fitness fanatic? Pomodoro your workout. 25 minutes or 15 minutes of 2 workouts, and you’re done for the day. I love to exercise in 15-minute bursts without losing interest. Most of the time I end up doing two 15-minute workouts instead of a boring 30-minute workout. It could be a 15-minute walk or even a 15-minute YouTube video workout. So many choices to get the workout done!

11. Crafty Creativity

Love getting crafty? Pomodoro your craft time. Whether it’s knitting, painting, or DIY projects, make progress in short, focused bursts. Pomodoros might even help keep the interest in the craft for longer than ditching it after losing interest in a week.

12. Mindful Mom Moments

Moms need self-care too! Pomodoro your mindfulness. Meditate, breathe, and center yourself in 25-minute intervals. I even do my morning and evening skin care routines set to a pomodoro of 15-minutes.

woman doing a yoga pose

13. Grocery Shopping Sprints

Hate grocery shopping? Pomodoro it! Grab what you need, check out, and be out of there before you know it. This way you will probably even reduce the impulsive purchases made while walking mindlessly for hours.

14. Budgeting Bliss

Numbers making your head spin? Pomodoro your budgeting. Crunch numbers, set goals, and still have time for a guilty pleasure show.

15. Podcast Power Hour

Love podcasts but never have time? Pomodoro your listening. Learn something new in manageable, 25/15-minute snippets. It helps me keep my focus for a shorter time.

16. Reading Retreat

Drowning in a sea of unread books? Pomodoro your reading time. Dive into a book, 25 minutes at a time. Even a morning and evening reading time of two 15-minute sessions would help.

17. Gardening Glee

Transform your garden with Pomodoro power. Weed, plant, and admire your green kingdom in focused bursts. I love weeding my garden, trimming some plants or even watering them for 15 minutes at a time. I would definitely lose interest in gardening if I weed, trim, water, fertilize all the plants in one go.

18. Bill Paying Breakthrough

Bills piling up after ignoring the payments for so long? Pomodoro to the rescue! Tackle bills, plan your budget, don’t forget to cancel that unnecessary subscription and still have time for a victory dance.

woman paying bills online

19. Tech Timeout

Screen time overload and feeling drained afterwards? Pomodoro your tech time. Work, play, and recharge in 25-minute intervals.

20. Family Adventure Planning

Dreaming of a family adventure? But putting it in the back burner because of the tedious planning needed? Make use of Pomodoros for your planning. Research, organize, and get ready for a memory-making escapade.

21. DIY Home Repairs

Fixing things not your forte? Pomodoro your repairs. Tackle one task at a time without feeling overwhelmed. This would help stick to just 1 task instead of tackling 5-10 DIY tasks at once and then just leaving it all for the next new project.

22. Mom’s Night In

Need a mom’s night in? Pomodoro it! Pamper yourself, binge-watch a show, and still get to bed at a reasonable hour once the timer hits.

23. Reflect and Reset

End your day with a Pomodoro reflection. Use a pomodoro-timer to time your journaling time. Celebrate wins, acknowledge challenges, and set intentions for tomorrow.

There you have it, ADHD moms – 23 ways to sprinkle Pomodoro magic into your daily chaos. It’s not about doing it all at once; it’s about conquering one Pomodoro at a time. So, set those timers, embrace the magic, and let the Pomodoro Technique help you feel that you have achieved more during the day.

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