25 ways to Practice Mindfulness for Busy Moms with ADHD

Being a mom is a wild ride, and if you’re juggling the joys of motherhood with ADHD, you’re likely no stranger to the constant chaos. In the whirlwind of tasks and tantrums, it’s easy to lose sight of the present moment. But fear not, supermom—here are 25 quick and easy ways to infuse mindfulness into your day, all in under 15 minutes each. Let’s dive in!

1. Morning Mindfulness Brew

Kickstart your day with a mindful cup of coffee or tea. It’s even better if its before the kids wake up. Sip it slowly, savouring each flavour. Let the warmth and aroma anchor you in the present.

Woman practicing mindfulness by smelling coffee aroma at home

2. Breathe through Breakfast

As moms, we are known to gulp down our meals in a rush. Next time, when you make breakfast, take a moment to focus on your breath. Inhale positivity and exhale stress. It’s a quick reset for a hectic morning.

3. Traffic Tranquilly

Turn your commute into a mindful moment. Take a deep breath at each red light without cussing at the traffic. Feel the tension melt away with every exhale.

4. Desk Zen Zone

Create a little zen space at your work desk. Try to minimise the clutter on the desk. A tiny plant or a calming photo can be your secret weapon against work stress.

5. Mindful Munching

During snack time, pay attention to the taste, texture, and smell of your food. It’s a mini-vacation for your taste buds. It could even prevent you from overeating.

6. Nature Break

Step outside, even if just for a few minutes. Feel the sun on your face or the breeze in your hair. Nature’s instant calming remedy will give our brain chemicals a much-needed boost.

7. Mindful Mini-Workouts

Is there no time for a full workout? Sneak in quick stretches or a brisk walk. Even a game of tag with kids would do. It’s a burst of energy that clears the mental fog.

8. Artistic Escapade

Doodle or colour for a few minutes. No need for fancy mandala colouring books; just the back of a bill or receipt is fine. Let your creative side run free; it’s a fantastic stress-buster.

Doodle with the words "Mindful"

9. One-Minute Meditation

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and focus on your breath for a minute. It’s like a mini-vacation for your mind.

10. Mindful Storytime

If you have young kids, during their storytime, take a moment to immerse yourself in the tale. Let the characters and plot captivate you. It’s a shared moment of imagination.

11. Mindful Messaging

Before responding to texts or emails, take a breath. It helps you respond, not react, especially when things get a bit overwhelming.

12. In-the-Shower Serenity

Turn your shower into a sensory experience. Feel the water, smell the soap—it’s a spa moment in your own bathroom.

13. Mindful Mealtime

Engage in conversation during meals. Put away distractions and savour the flavours to practice mindfulness during mealtime. It’s a bonding moment with your loved ones.

Family enjoying meal together

14. Car-Line Calmness

Waiting to pick up the kids? Use that time to do a quick mindfulness exercise. It turns a chore into a peaceful interlude.

15. Mindful Mirror Moment

While getting ready in a rush, we often forget to look at ourselves in the mirror. Next time, take a look in the mirror and give yourself a positive affirmation. It sets the tone for a confident day.

16. Tech Timeout

Getting your phone out and scrolling mindlessly every time you get a break? Set a timer for a tech break. Or even an app like Your Hour helps to keep track of time. No screens, just a few minutes to disconnect and reset your brain.

17. Mindful Breathing with Kids

When the little ones are driving you nuts, take a moment to breathe together. It’s a win-win for calming both you and the kids.

18. Mindful Listening

When talking to someone, really listen. Put away distractions like your phone and focus on their words. It deepens connections and reduces misunderstandings.

19. Mindful Clean-Up

Tackling a messy room? Instead of rushing through it, focus on each item you pick up. It turns chaos into order with a side of serenity.

20. Bedtime Bliss

End your day with a brief gratitude reflection. Think of three things you’re thankful for. It’s a peaceful way to drift into dreamland.

Writing in a journal

21. Mindful Parenting Pause

When chaos erupts, take a brief pause. It prevents impulsive reactions and helps you respond with calm authority.

22. Mindful TV Time

Even during your favourite show, take a moment to stretch or do deep breathing exercises. It’s multitasking for your mind and body.

23. Mindful Journaling

Jot down a quick note about your day. It’s a mindful reflection that helps declutter your mind.

24. Mindful Pet Connection

Spend a few minutes just being present with your furry friend. Unconditional love is an instant mood-lifter.

25. Lights Out

As you turn off the lights, take a moment to feel gratitude for the day. It’s a peaceful way to close the chapter.

In the whirlwind of mommy life, these 25 mindful moments are your secret weapons for a calmer, more centred day. Here’s another list of mindful exercises from the perspective of our six senses by the Mindful Neuro. Remember, it’s the small, consistent steps that lead to a more mindful and joyful life. So, here’s to you, supermom—may your days be filled with moments of peace, even in the midst of chaos. Cheers to a mindful and marvellous motherhood journey!

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